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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  March 28, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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>> crash dumbies are showing us about car safety and women. >> and social media make you more self-conscious? a look at the impact of showing up in pictures online. >> and look live at our camera at the inner harbor on this wednesday march 28th. good morning maryland. thanks for waking up with us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast with lynette charles. things could be warming up but the wind could be a problem. >> we are going to be breezy once again for today. we have sustained wind at 5 to so miles an hour but they will pick up going through the day. i am seeing gusts up to about 30 miles an hour but this morning we are cooler but seasonable. breezy and dry for now. we will have changes in that area. heading out the door, temperatures in towson 43 degrees. and grab the coat and more of the same in ellicott city. 42 aberdeen and 46 and winds are light right now but they will pick up and we look at maryland's most powerful radar
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which is dry and we will start to see some action on this a little later. i will detail that but let's check the traffic with angela. good morning how are the road. >> reporter: good morning. the good news is no weather related hazards for you as you head out for the wednesday morning drive and it's looking pretty good. we are building of course increasing but no accidents to report heading out and we get the first live look for those coming in from harford county 95 south of maryland 152. mountain road looks good here a few cars rolling along in both directions for you. of course the southbound pace picks up as you get closer to 695 heading through the rosedale region. for those of you traveling in the morning through the reisterstown area heading into owings mills we will look at 795 at could bys mill road and everything at top speed through owings mills and you may have a tap of the brakes as you get closer to 695. back over to you. >> one minute at after 6. crews are trying to determine what caused this fire on mirthel in west baltimore. this is a picture from the
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scene that was taken by one of the baltimore fire fighters with the firefighters union. we are told no one was hurt in the fire. >> we are working on more information in the series of break-ins in baltimore county. >> there's several particular items right now that crooks are going after and abc2 news linda so is tracking the latest. it's sad because a woman lost something important. >> reporter: yeah. you know all the cases, police say the man actually took cashmedication and jewelry but one of the victims lost so much more. 81-year-old angela kuta had both engagement rings stolen one was from the first husband who passed away she wanted to passe long to her son. second ring is from her current husband she had for 40 years a burglar came in through a unlocked window early friday morning while she and her husband slept. he took the rings and 100 dollars in cash and an outback card and drank a soda but left the empty can behind. last night they think the man tried to get into a neighbor's house a few doors down. >> the screen was broken into
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and then the other night we came home and the screen was pulled up the next morning. >> reporter: so far police are investigating four burglaries in the 5100 block of joppa road and two others a few miles away on ramble brook roads and dana vista. police are asking people to lock windows because in all the cases the burglar appears to have gotten through an unlocked window. linda so abc2 news. baltimore county police are searching for bank robbery suspect. wears athletic clothes and passes notes and hints he is armed emrobbed a wells fargo and fairmont in towson in november. and an m and t bank on york road in january. he went back to the wells fargo earlier this month and robbed it again. this morning we may learn more details about a police- involved shooting in west baltimore that left a man dead. officers were called to the house on west cold spring lane yesterday morning when sheron jackson opened the door. police thought he was armed.
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there was a confrontation and he he was shot. >> i heard a boom like that and then all at once, like all helpl broke -- hell broke loose. >> jackson died at the hospital and police say he threatened his mother with a knife and they are back off saying they are not releasing the name of the officer involved in the shooting and they say he is on routine suspension while they investigate this. 6:04. democracy 2012 for you and this morning, another presidential candidate making his way to maryland. ron paul is taking part in a town hall meeting tonight. that event will be at richey coliseum at 7. you have to preregister to get early if you want to get a seat. mitt romney came to arbutus and newt gingrich paid a visit in annapolis and while in maryland he took a swipe at governor by the gas tax. >> everybody is concerned about the price of gasoline. to have an effort made to raise the price by 25 cents a gallon
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strikes me as being very, very antievery day working american. >> gingrich did acknowledge his campaign is cash strapped and replacing the manager and cutting a third of the staff. maryland primary is tuesday. 37 delegates will be at stake come primary time. today is the last day for the supreme court hearing and it's involving the president's universal health care law. >> here's what we state to obama care. >> high drama as opposing rallies made their opinions known. inside the high court examined the individual mandate is constitutional and the court probably won't hand down a ruling until sometime this summer. it's crucial information for anyone who is buying a new car. the safety rating revealing how well your car will protect you in a serious accident. for the first time the government is using he female crash test dumbies to more accurately reflect how women would fair in an accident. here's cecilia vega.
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>> reporter: this is the new female crash test dummy. she is 4 foot 11 and significantly smaller than her male counterpart. and this dummy is teaching us something startling. >> okay. >> reporter: women run a greater risk of being hurt in frontal and side crashes. take a look at these 2012 toyota siena crash test the male is when the car hits the wall he lungs forward to meet the air bag which deflates burying his face and absorbing the impact. but look at the female dummy on the passenger side. remember, she is smaller and her seat is closer to the air bag. the air bag ends up hitting her and doesn't deflate. pushing her head down snapping her neck back. watch it again. keeping in mind a woman's neck is generally less muscular than a man's. so the threat of injury is greater. >> for the smaller lighter woman you need a better design seat. >> reporter: car rps are
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required to gave specific rating for women in the front passenger seat and the result, cars like the 2012 toyota suv and acura tl four-door got high marks for male drivers but under the safety ratings they received just 2 stars for female passengers. toyota said the ratings do not mean the vehicles are less safe. the safety ratings are are at safer the hope is the female dumbies make drivers smarter and safer. abc news los angeles. >> the latest in the death of trayvon martin, the unarmed florida teen shot by a neighborhood watch captain. a special prosecutor investigating could convene the grand jury as soon as april 10th. yesterday martin's parent spent two hours before a congressional panel examining the case and racial profiling. lawmakers are calling for a full investigation. news time 6:07 and a survey looks at social media and body
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imaging. sent are for -- center for eating disorder says there's a fair amount of people who feel self-conscious after logging on. the center conducted the survey and the information is released today. sherrie johnson is here with more. >> reporter: well, this newly released report says social media changed the way some people view themselves. facebook is so public it creates a new hyperself- awareness. the survey says 75% of those polled said they were unhappy with the bodies and 51% say using facebook makes themmore conscious about body and weight. some users focus on comparing the bodies to the friends or obsessed about how they used to look. the survey also revealed nearly half of those polled avoided social events because of possible facebook photos. doctors say social platforms give rise to physical insecurities. >> a significant percentage more than half the people are using the facebook interaction as ways to compare themselves
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to other people and looking at photos and covets the -- coveting the bodies of other friends or weights of other people and not feeling good about their own bodies. >> 6 -- >> reporter: 600 people between 16 and 40 took part in the survey. the center force eating disorder says to fight the problem take a break from facebook every now and then. we reached out to facebook for comment and so far we have not heard back. now back to you. thanks. stay with us this morning, it's becoming an all too familiar scene. >> pilots and flight attend hants flipping out and acting crazy. we will show you the latest episode. this one as you saw on a jetblue fight. >> hear a 911 call after a group of skiers -- skiers were caught in a avalanche. >> and progress on a massive wild fire still raging in colorado. details straight ahead. lynette. >> all right. but we won't need umbrella this
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morning. that may not be the case as we go into the afternoon. i will explain coming up.>> reporter: the and the wednesday morning drive is in good shape in terms of accidents. we will look at how your travels are in glen burnie this morning. >> time to head to new york for the latest in tech bites. as we go a like live look at times square. >> reporter: in today's tech bites more harry potter magic. the books are available in digital edition but cop county potter website can be read on kindle and nook and this may change the e-book industry for ever. chapel hill north carolina is the first town to ban use of cell phones while driving including hands free and built in wireless systems. it goes into effect in june but the town may not have the authorities for this. and several free apps for tablets pull together a catalog offers from hundreds of online specialty stores. we found them more convenient than paper catalogs.
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>> these catalogs on the tablet allow you to click on an item and directly link into a website. >> reporter: each of the catalog apps she tested excells at something different. have a great day i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." about # hundred foyer fighters from -- 700 firefighters from several states are battling a fire southwest of colorado. it two deaths and hundreds have been evacuated. investigators are trying to determine if that fire resulted from a controlled burn that reignited. and police in washington state have released a 911 call after a deadly avalanche last
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month. a group of at least a dozen experienced skiers wanted to take advantage of the new fallen snow. when the slide happened, friends were left to rescue one another. >> we have a victim unconscious he is breathing and we need to get him out of here. >> we have one body we are searching and there's more people above us involved in the avalanche and another victim. we were skiing, yes. >> in all three people died in that avalanche. >> that was a long and bessy night for -- busy night. slippy conditions required drivers to put chains on the tires and that didn't prevent the trucks from tipping over. it's 14 minutes after 6 right now. 43 degrees. charley, did you not get the hot pink memo? >>i didn't i don't rock the hot pink too often i don't. i go for more muted colors but talking about the snow, we have to remember in parts of the country it's still like winter.
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>> exactly it is. but not here. yesterday, it felt like winter. we had the freeze chill. >> it was chilly. >> yes. sticking with the theme of ups and down wears not dealing with that -- we are not dealing with that. charley talked about winter spots. we have to go back out towards the west to get some unsettled weather across the area. another thing we are looking at, as we head up into canada, we are seeing some snow across that area. but let's zoom in across where we are because we have cloud cover streaming in and we will have a system that's going to try to work its way in here as we go possibly into the afternoon. a cold front is going to slice through the area and bring us a chance for scattered showers in the forecast. but right now, this is what you need. 44 degrees in baltimore, and you need a jacket this morning. you don't need the heaviest coat and especially into the afternoon. but these temperatures are above average and much warmer than what we felt yesterday. the wind are going to be the big story once again for today
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just like yesterday and the day before that. but the only difference is we will be dealing with the winds out of the southwest instead of the northwest. so this is what's warming us up into the afternoon. future trend picking up on lots of sunshine after this cold front pushes through. but as you head out the door this morning, grab the rain gear because you could be one of the one that is gets wet under that scattered shower that i am forecasting as we go maybe into your ride home and commute home could be on the wet side. plenty of sunshine moves back in for thursday and also friday. and here's the temperature for today. 72 degrees on your hour by hour. and mild as we go into the evening time frame. and this is what it looks like for seven days. you are planning accordingly right? well behind that cold front temperatures will drop back off into the 60s. and we should be at 57, 58 degrees now for this time of the year. these temperatures will remain above average and when we get warmer as we go into next week. let's check the traffic with
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angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning everyone. luckily not a lot going on in terms of accidents. we are seeing a lot of volume. especially on i-95 heading towards the capital beltway. volume starts in the city as we go to a live look of i-95. you can see the southbound side here on the right side of the screen. we are seeing a lot of volume and that increases as you make the drive through howard county becoming a major delay heading towards i-495. let's cruise over to i-97. northbound side we do have some slowing as you continue through the glen burnie region. drive times are slow for most of you heading to 895 and 659. and spending of drive times, not too bad for the most part. especially around 659 but on i- 95, at least an 8 minute travel time for you through the rosedale region make the drive from white marsh to the top side of the beltway. back over to you. in health news new hope for those fighting cancerp researchers from stanford figured out a way to block a
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protein that prevents your immune cellsfrom attacking a tumor. the process which they say tested on mice worked on allforms of cancer. 6:17. this is nothing short remarkable. doctors at the university of maryland medical center completed the country's second complete face transplant. this was 37-year-old richard norris before the surgery e lost his nose, lips -- he lost his nose lips and ability to speak from 1997 from a gun accident. this is six days -- gun accident. this is section days after leaving the operating room. doctors say it was the most extensive full face transplant ever. >> put the mirror down and thearchgd me and hugged me which is a -- thanked me and hugged mewhich is a wonderful gift to give him. ever since that day he restore the 15 years he lost and making a functioning member of society. >> doctors say norris is exceeding expectations and they were quick to thank the family of the donor. the generosity gave norris and five other people new lives.
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news time 6:18. it appears we are not the only one upset about the rising cost of fuel. >> people in indonesia are feeling the pinch and they are showing their frustrations they are taking the message to the streets. >> and school system in brazil has gone up. the effective way to help parents to know if their child is skipping class out watching what's new, now and next on "good morning maryland" a live look at new york city as we go to break.
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all right. this is amateur individual grow sear with a reportedly -- video from syria showing shelling by government. you can see explosions on roof tops and ed byings on fire. syria's president visited aformer rebel stronghold. and demonstrators took to
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the streets of indonesia protesting a plan to raise fuel cost. they sang antigovernment chats and they broke down a fence outside the marlment war -- parliament where a vote on the increase is planned for tomorrow. 22,000 security officers had to be sent in to control the rallies. today mark the final day of pope benedict xvi visit to cuba. he will start with a open air mass at the havana revolution plaza and will meet with fidel casto and that's take place -- castro and that's take place later. he met with raul castro tuesday. after leaders sat down for a private meeting the official presented cuban authorities with a copy of a book from the vatican archives. news time 6:23. if you wondered if your child was actually at school, a school in brazil has come up with a solution. it's embead local chip in the -- embedded a local chip in the stewed antiuniform to let them know if they are in school or cutting classes. it register when they go in and
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comes out. parents receive a text message that says the child is in the classroom. and listen paid discussions are expected to continue today after union workers walked off the job in germany. one airline canceled 400 flights. passengers could transfer the tickets for railway vouchers or reschedule free of charge. the movie everyone couldn't get enough of debuted on the big screen. >> and now a chance to relive the titanic in 3-d. some of the stars from the movie came out far red carpet event in lonfilm 300 graphic designers and more than 750,000 working hours and the film producer says the entire project was well worth it. >> we did it for a new audience to come and experience tie tant i go on the -- titanic for the big screen and for fans because it's a new experience. >> if you remember titanic is the largest growing movie
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bringing in 1.8 billion dollars -- grossing movie bringing in 1.8 billion dollars did you see it. >> yes. but i don't know about 3-d. >> it's very long. >> but it was great. romantic, too. come on, charley. >> dom on. stay with us, crews -- come on. stay with us, crews get down and dirty to make a rescue. >> a man drowning in mud all caught on tape. you are waking up to what's new in mark, we are back -- maryland. we are back in second.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland "i. scary moments on a jet blue flight yo the pilot was subdued. >> a low cost beef blend has been pulled from shul phs. the latest on plant proqueuing the pink slime. >> how much up is for grabs in the mega million dollars we will give you the total coming up. >> before 6:30. a live look at our camera down at the inner harbor. it's wednesday, march 28th. thanks for joining us and good morning maryland i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's go to weather with meetol gist lynette charles. a little chilly but breezy today.
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>> gusts up to 30 miles an hour as we go into the afternoon. we have sustained winds at about 5 to 15 miles an hour out of the southwest. and temperatures 43 degrees in ellicott city. we are a bit milder than what we were yesterday. i will say not as cold as we were yesterday. easton coming in at 46. more of the same in joppa right now. and we do have a coastal flood advisory in effect until 2 p.m. and the wind and tides combining together and that could cause coastal flooding there for the areas shaded in the bluish color. and maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. but things will start to change as we go into the afternoon. i will detail that coming up but right now let's check the traffic with angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and it's been very quiet out there. in terms of accidents, we have a few areas of congestion here and there around some stretches of the beltway. coming through dundalk on the east side, starting to see a little slow traffic making your way to the key bridge. not too bad on the south side. 695 at


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